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FieldConnex过程接口用最少的接线连接多个传统的输入输出模块到现场总线。本质安全包括: 传感器和触发器可安装在 Zone 0/ Div. 1,过程接口安装在Zone 1/ Div. 1. I/O模块由现场总线供电,节省接线。过程接口可选择标准功能模块,选择不同制造商现场仪表,灵活性强。


The FieldConnex® 温度多路输入(TM-I)高效,节约的把8路模拟信号集成到数字量现场总线通讯中。以下设备和信号的类型可以连接到:
  • 电阻温度传感器, 2线,3线和4线制
  • 热电偶
  • 其他电阻和毫伏信号


Multi-Input Output

FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO)
FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO)

The FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO) provides connection for various disrcete signals to the DCS via fieldbus and one single address. The MIO monitors the status of up to twelve NAMUR sensors or controls up to four valves—including final position feedback and automated partial stroke test. Due to its integrated breakaway and runtime monitoring for valves, an alarm signal is emitted when limit values are exceeded. Alternatively, MIO enables overflow and idle level of containers and conduits monitored by vibration limit switches. All inputs and outputs of Multi-Input Output are intrinsically safe. The MIO serves the exact same functions as FieldConnex valve couplers and binary interfaces and as a drop-in replacement with no reconfiguration required at the PLC or DCS. New and unique is the frequency or pulse input for monitoring of rotating equipment.

FieldConnex® Smartplant® Instrument Library