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Pepperl+Fuchs Joins Forces with Mobile Explosion Protection Pioneer ecom instruments


Pepperl+Fuchs announces the takeover of ecom instruments
Pepperl+Fuchs announces the takeover of ecom instruments, a technology leader for explosion proof cell phones, 4G smartphones, and tablets.

Mannheim, 24th October, 2016—Pepperl+Fuchs, a globally leading company in explosion protection by intrinsic safety and in industrial sensors, today announced the takeover of ecom instruments GmbH, the world market leader for mobile industrial devices for hazardous areas. The company domiciled at Assamstadt/Germany achieved their position as technology leaders by developing explosion proof cell phones, 4G smartphones and tablets. With this, Pepperl+Fuchs complements the portfolio and the know-how in explosion protection with mobile solutions.

“In ecom instruments we found an industry pioneer with 15% growth rate lately who, for decades, proved and strengthened his technology leadership in mobile explosion protection and now complements our offering with a competitive portfolio reaching far into the future” Dr. Gunther Kegel (CEO of the Pepperl+Fuchs Group) said.

“Besides the expanded product portfolio we can see new opportunities arising along the entire value added chain. With this we can not only strengthen our offering in the field of explosion protection, but we can achieve a much better market position—with a partner from our region—and consequently generate new solutions around the complex of Industrie 4.0”, added Kegel.

“The expertise in explosion protection and the wide-spread international sales force of Pepperl+Fuchs made them our favorite partner from the very beginning. Our innovative devices do not only fill a gap in their portfolio, but allow ecom instruments and Pepperl+Fuchs to develop future business models and solutions at the Center of Competence at Assamstadt to gain access to the enormous growth potential of the ongoing digitalization of industry”, Rolf Nied stated, founder and managing partner of ecom instruments GmbH.



过程防爆 - 过程自动化分支是本质安全在危险区域的防爆领域的世界市场领导者。此外,该分支为过程工业提供了大量面向应用的系统解决方案。产品线包括模拟隔离屏障,现场总线拓扑系统,远程I / O系统,HART接口,液位控制传感器,净化系统,HMI设备,电气防爆设备以及电源和信号装置。

工业传感器 - 随着1958年工业感应式接近传感器的发明,公司在自动化技术的历史上树立了里程碑。目标市场是机械制造商,汽车工业,处理和仓储系统,纸张与印刷,包装机,门,门控电梯,工程机械和可再生能源。该分支提供定制的传感器解决方案,如感应和光电接近传感器,超声波传感器,旋转编码器,RFID系统,数据矩阵读取器,视觉传感器和激光设备。

About ecom instruments GmbH

ecom instruments GmbH is an internationally leading name for complete solutions around mobile devices dedicated for the use in explosion hazardous areas in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in oil and gas exploration, in the mining industry, as well as in energy and environmental technologies. For 30 years, ecom has been setting standards in the technical field and holds significant know-how in explosion protection for the everyday use in explosion hazardous areas.

ecom instruments offers solutions proven in use and based on robust reliable explosion-protected mobile state-of-the-art hardware products (tablets, smartphones, PDA, etc.) in the core disciplines mobile computing, communication, measurement and calibration, as well as electronic torches. Peripheral devices, intelligent software and applications combined with a worldwide support by service centers in Germany, the United States, Singapore, and the United Arabian Emirates are the basis of ecom’s global service.