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Excitement around electrical explosion protection

FieldConnex DART Fieldbus

Intrinsic safety has been at the forefront of spark-prevention technology for decades. Proven in practice and simple to use, intrinsic safety is the most popular method of explosion protection. It is extremely safe and easy to apply. However, the low available direct power has limited its use in communication, instrument, and control technology. With DART Technology this is about to change.

Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination reliably detects sparks developing anywhere within an electric circuit and cuts off the energy supply within only a few microseconds to prevent the spark from reaching an ignitable temperature. DART provides more power while maintaining the energy limits of intrinsic safety, opening new possibilities for plant operators. For its first application, which is fieldbus in hazardous areas DART Technology ends previous limitations for the number of devices and their power requirements.

DART Fieldbus,最新 FieldConnex®,已可安装使用。

FieldConnex®DART各种元件已入库待售。现场总线装备达到了从未有过的安全和强大-完全的本质安全。DART现场总线满足众多用户要求的:本安大功率主干线概念。DART现场总线克服了 FISCO现场总线实体系统的能限,同时允许:

  • 允许主干线上和设备的现场运行在线作业
  • 带负载分配的冗余供电
  • 更长的电缆和更多的设备
  • 减少了机柜空间需求

DART现场总线具有ATEX和IEC Ex认证,适于实际应用。

DART Power Hub

DART Power Hub
DART Power Hub

DART Power Hub建立在得到广泛好评的FieldConnex® 高密度 Power Hub基础之上。为网段和DCS系统连接供电。它可以检测并切断火花。

  • 电源模块冗余
  • 输出电量22.5 V/360 mA
  • 适用于物理层监测的可选高级诊断模块
  • 主干线长可达1000m

DART 段保护器

DART 段保护器
DART 段保护器

DART 段保护器提供本质安全输出Ex ib。可连接任何本安设备。

  • 可提供短路保护
  • 每网段达到4个段保护器
  • 每段保护器12输出
  • 输出10.5…22.5V/34mA

DART现场总线-Zone 1中的供电及本质安全