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This paper covers the features and operational benefits of the latest generation of fieldbus device couplers. It describes the methodology used to reliably prevent segment failures caused by "real-life" operational faults. Additionally, the complementary equipment for the latest generation of device couplers is discussed. (March 2013, 1.34 MB)
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The paper covers advanced diagnostic surge protection devices specifically designed for fieldbus networks. It explains the methodology that supports fieldbus network integrity beyond the current offerings. A case study shows the significant reductions in operational expenditure when using a fully diagnostic fieldbus surge protection system. (March 2013, 1.31 MB)

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本手册介绍了如何通过简单的规则和技巧规划和构建WirelessHART网络。它主要针对正计划安装WirelessHART系统的规划者和技术人员。 (2011.7,大小:1.33 MB)

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本白皮书由著名的ARC公司发布,它是工业自动化基础设施领域中权威的研究咨询公司。本书高度评价了DART技术及其在过程自动化行业的有效应用。(2011年2月,1.24 MB)